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Year 5 - Season of Spring 2022

Year 5 Forest School - The Season of Spring

Warm sunshine has arrived (apart from the surprise snowstorm just before Easter!) and the muddy puddles are finally beginning to dry away.


Year 5 are out in the springtime woodland, refining their skills from last year and learning things anew. We have seen some wonderful den building, mini-fires carefully maintained for hours on end, lovely clay modelling (including faces moulded onto trees), delicately crafted whittled wood, plenty of cooking over the main campfire ... plus countless team games!


Let's hope the warm weather continues, with the canopy above thickening up with new leaves and the endless twitters of birds hiding in their nests!

Scroll down to see 100s of photos of the Year 5 adventures in the springtime - whether it be rain, sun or even snow!