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Year 4 - Season of Autumn 2021

Autumnal Adventures in the Year 4 Forest School

Year 4 Forest School - The Season of Autumn 2021

After a rather 'complicated' year , both in school and across the country, it is fantastic that we are finally able to get out of school and back into the forest!


The children of Willow and Chestnut classes were so excited to be back in Forest School, showing off the skills they learnt 12 months ago, as well as trying out countless new opportunities too!


They have been using bow saws, knives and even axes (well, Mr Turner keep hold of the axe itself!) to shape wood into amulets, mallets and even boats to sail on the puddles! Cooking has proved very popular, with waffles, puff pastry, popcorn and lunchtime toasted sandwiches going down very well indeed. Clay modelling has reached new levels this year, with some amazing models being carefully made and then dried out over the campfire. Den building has gone from simple shelters to elaborate homes, with teams working together to construct ever larger and more complex structures to play in and enjoy lunch together.