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At Copthorne School, we are passionate about encouraging, engaging and immersing children in different styles and genres of literature and writing. We firmly believe in the mantra ‘Writers read and readers write’ as the two are intrinsically linked.


We celebrate different books and encourage the children to develop an enjoyment of many different genres so that they can fully appreciate the many different styles of writing. Through the ‘Power of Reading’ scheme which supports our English learning, children are exposed to many different styles of fiction writing, from different time periods, in different formats and tones.


Within our school, we support the development of a reading culture and encourage children to read for pleasure, finding a genre that they love and can become absorbed in. Each class has a dedicated reading area with a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books and children are encouraged to ‘try out’ new books and authors to broaden their reading experiences. At Copthorne, the teachers set the example as roles models for reading, sharing with the children books that they have read both as children and adults. Additionally, teachers endorse different high-quality texts through the use of ‘Teachers' Favourites’ in which special books have been selected by the class teacher to promote recommended books. Regular whole class reads allow children to be exposed to a range of texts, whilst also developing their individual, reading, speaking and listening skills.


Through our continuous celebration of literature, children can begin to identify different genre specific skills within different writing styles which make a piece of writing what it is. These features of specific text types are then explored in more detail within English lessons, identifying their importance to the piece of writing being discussed. Children are then encouraged to identify these features within exemplars so that they can see them in context before using them within their own writing.


At Copthorne we follow a mixed approach to writing, ‘cherry-picking’ the most appropriate and beneficial steps to develop each child’s writing and authorial voice. Using both ‘Talk 4 Writing’ and a ‘Genre Process Approach’ to writing children are provided with scaffolding to their learning allowing them to remove these supports at their own pace to develop independence in their writing. As children move up throughout the school they are able to apply previous attained knowledge and understanding of different writing genres whilst building in new vocabulary and SPaG skills as are appropriate to the year group.


Congratulations to everyone who raised money for our Big Read Sponsorship. We have raised over £650. When we are able to, some pupils will be able to visit Book Nook and choose books for the school. 

Thank you for your support – helping your child to keep reading

and being amazing!



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