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Imagine Poetry Competition



The whole school took part in a poetry competition ‘Imagine’, where the poems were influenced by the current curriculum topic.  All of the poems were fantastic, and were wonderful to read.  The winners from across the school were submitted to see if they would be chosen for publication. Miss Evans our English Lead, received confirmation of the results.

“I am delighted to let you know that I’ve chose all of the work you entered for publication in “Imagine—Hear My Voice”  Having all of your pupils’ work chosen is something to be proud of, it doesn’t happen every day!  I was impressed with their writing and it’s clear that you’ve really inspired and engaged them with poetry.”  Andrew Porter, Editor 


Congratulations go to…

Shackleton—Kai (Y3), Miley (Y4), Jack (Y5) and Teagan (Y6)

Fiennes—Camille (Y3), Leo (Y4), Yasmin (Y5) and Amerlie (Y6)

Drake—Ayesha (Y3), Britani (Y4), Henry (Y5) and Jackson (Y6)

Thayer—Skyler (Y3), Isla (Y4), Livvy (Y5) and Aisha (Y6)