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What have been your favourite activities?

"I loved playing all the games with everyone and getting a chance to run around." (Soha)


"The den building! It let let my creativity run free!" (Merryn)


"Making the dens because it improved my teamwork and whittling because I learned to make tools and be patient in making them." (Chloe)


"I found the whittling my favourite as it was so calming to do." (Lois)

"I loved making the s'mores and making good memories." (Nicola)


"The best activities were whittling and den making. I also loved making clay faces on the trees. You never get bored!" (Lacey)


"I really enjoyed the clay modelling and whittling because they are full of creativity and challenge. I even whittled a wooden mushroom!" (Jessica)


"Den building because we made a totally awesome tree base!" (Ben)

"My favourite activity was whittling because it is really mindful and you learn to be careful with sharp knives. I also enjoyed the den building because you can design things that you want to build - it's a good life skill!" (Fin)


"The clay models because you can make anything you could ever dream of, plus the whittling because it is so different from what you'd ever do in normal life!" (Lola)


"Whittling gave me a real sense of calmness." (Aiden)


"I loved making a really good boat on the pond ... even if it sank." (Aston)


"I really enjoyed the den building as you can have endless fun and I never get bored. I also loved making the clay sculptures of hearts, flowers and faces on trees." (Sienna)