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Nuture Activities


Top recommended activities: 

 ·Play traditional games like noughts and crosses, dominoes and snap – it’s amazing how quick children pick up tactics. This helps keep their brains engaged.


 · Listening to the noises in the garden, there are many birds, can you distinguish between the various calls?


· Baking from biscuits to cakes, to meal prep but also salt dough. This is great for fine motor development.


· Kim’s game is a great activity too to get children thinking as well as promoting memory skills. This is where you can have some items on a tray (KS2 10-15) you hide them with a tea towel and take one, two or more away. Can the children remember which ones?


· Set up a treasure hunt. Choose a range of items and hide them – this is similar to hide and seek but, can take longer to find the missing items.