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Do you feel more confident or independent?

"I feel far more brave to try new things." (Micky)


"I think it has made me be a kinder, more thoughtful person." (Dehlen)


"Definitely! I didn't like playing in mud at all before ... now I love getting mucky!" (Erin)


"It taught me that you can learn while having fun. It should be like that all the time!" (Isabelle)


"I feel like I could survive out in the woods!" (Andy)


"Yes! It really is the only time I am happy about getting dirty and covered in mud!" (Yasmin)


"It makes me realise that I can do anything on my own, you just need to be shown how and then stick with it. Amazing!" (Christopher)


"I have tried out lots of the things I learnt at home, like making a den for my brother." (Micky)


"I feel confident whittling, making fires and building dens by myself. It's great to carve wood with a knife." (Samuel)


"I think I concentrate a lot more inside school after I have been out in the woods." (Max)


"I think Forest School has helped me learn better in all my subjects, I feel far more independent and that I can have a go by myself." (Grace)


"Forest School has fired-up my imagination. You think of an idea, then you can make it happen. How amazing is that!" (James)