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How would you describe Forest School?

"Forest School is a place where you can be yourself and be who you want to be. It is simply fun!" (Alice)

"I would describe Forest School as a fun place outside in the fresh air where you can learn amazing new things." (Cara)
"Forest School is a wonderful place, full of beauty. It is a place where dreams come true!" (Zara)
"It is a place to be free and release yourself!" (Samuel)
"Forest School is fun, where every step you take is more and more exciting." (Jake)
"You get to be in a forest of freedom!" (Henry)
"It is a fun place out in the forest where you can unleash your energy and learn things that you would never normally have a chance to learn." (Micky)
"Forest School is a school that is actually in a forest. That is just amazing!" (Harry)
"Forest School is so much fun because I always feel free." (Zachary)
"Forest School is a fun and interactive place to play and learn." (Thea)
"Well, Forest School is fun, adventurous and totally awesome! You also get to be as muddy as a puppy in a swamp!" (Lottie)