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F O R E S T   S C H O O L


Thoughts about Forest School from Copthorne pupils:

"I love the journey out to the woods, as I get more and more excited about all the new things I know we will be discovering and trying out. I feel I am somehow learning things for survival in the real world, making me feel more confident inside." (Lola)


"It is the adventure of a lifetime that happens every week, getting out in the fresh air, going out into the woods and just having fun! It has changed my attitude towards how I use teamwork and how I focus and work when I get back inside 'real' school'. I just love getting my hands dirty and all joining in together!" (Sophie)


"Forest School is having fun with nature, discovering new creatures and everything about them. It makes me feel excited because it is full of activity and there is always something new to learn and discover every time we go to the woods. Forest School to me is 'Fun, Activity and Freedom!'" (Sienna)

"Forest School always makes me feel excited. I love making things, whether out of wood, of little fires using flint and steel for my fairy home. It is all about working as a team to have adventure and fun! It is just so cool." (Eva)


"I look forward to making dens and real fires with all my friends, both old and new! Forest School always makes me feel so happy because we get to do our learning out of the classroom and in the forest. In school we just learn ... but at Forest School we learn and play at the same time! I know it will always be amazing and so much fun every time I go." (Henry)

"It's like a normal school, except it's in the forest ... and so, so much more fun! I loved learning so many new things, like how to use all the new tools safely, though I was very nervous at the start. To me, Forest School, is about having fun, getting active and being outdoors every day!" (Nora)


"I love learning about the forest, actually in the forest! I used to hate getting dirty, now I just don't care! It is all so interesting and full of risk-taking fun!" (Megan)