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How would you describe Forest School?

"A day of fun and adventure out in the woods!" (Lilian)


"Forest School is all about fun, adventures and teamwork working with your friends." (Frankie)


"It is all about exploring nature and creating natural things in the woods." (Charlie)


"You are able to connect with nature and run around as free as a bird!" (Izzy)


"It is simply just super-fun and gives you the chance to learn so many new skills!" (Lily)


"I would describe Forest School as a fun, energetic way of learning about nature." (Imaan)


"Forest School is a fun, happy place for you to learn all kinds of new things, ranging from whittling to den building." (Nathan)


"It is a day out exploring the wilderness!" (Angelo)

"Forest School gives you a chance to find the creative side of yourself." (Evie)


"It is a fun, outdoor experience and a brilliant way to learn!" (Peyton)


"Forest School gives you a chance to get outside and active, trying out multiple fun things, such as: clay making, den building, whittling, making fires and so much, much more!" (Maddy)


"It's a fantastic couple of days to be outside and free with Mother Nature!" (Monty)


"Forest School is a way to have fun with nature ... and not stuck inside writing at your desk!" (Harrison)