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How would you describe Forest School?

"It is where you learn to use knives, build dens and discover new things." (Henry)


"It is a lovely walk out into the woods to do activities, sit around the campfire and toast marshmallows!" (Cassia)


"Learning all about nature and how to live and survive out in the forest." (Megan)


"Amazing! It felt like we could basically do the things we really wanted to do for ourselves!" (Kian)

"I love it! You get to be muddy and do stuff outside school rather than just doing stuff inside all the time." (Toby)


"I would say that Forest School isn't just about learning, but bringing friends together and getting creative!" (Jackson)


"An amazing experience to discover and learn new things!" (Aisha)


"It's great to be able to get a break from school work and spend time outside, making dens and playing with your friends." (Dannie)

"It is an exciting, cool experience to have, getting to learn and have fun at the same time!" (Jack)


"It's a big adventure out in the woods with your friends. It is just so much fun!" (Amelia)


"It is all about having adventures, becoming skilled and learning new things." (Matthew)