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Do you feel more confident and independent?

"I am far more confident using all the tools and I don't need that much help getting on by myself anymore." (Alice)
"I am not afraid of mud anymore, in fact I now ride my bike straight through muddy puddles to get wet! I feel that I now work harder, am a lot less scared and enjoy the feeling of being brave!" (Lottie)
"I used to not be so tough, but now I lift wood, use knives and don't care if I get scratched by a bramble. I am now properly tough! I also used to need a lot more help, but now I am fine and need almost no help at all on most things." (Micky)
"When Mr T first pulled out the knife, I was a bit scared. Now I am used to it and love whittling and cutting the wood and am happy to use the knives without any help at all." (Ashton)
"I now enjoy working as a team and am confident to ask people for help when I get stuck. Once I get it, I can do it all by myself!" (Zachary)
"I now don't give up so easily ... I just carry on!" (Zach)
"I feel I can now work in a team far better and am confident in asking my friends to help me out when I don't understand. By making things fun, I feel I can have a go on my own." (Grace)
"I feel much more brave and really want to try everything!" (Violet)
"I am definitely a lot more relaxed and resilient inside school and at home. I used to be scared of knives, but now I feel safe and happy whittling the wood. I am just so much more curious about everything and want to ask questions all the time." (Thea)
"I now enjoy teamwork and feel confident working together in a group." (Amirah)
"Forest School has made me far more confident with my skills because in September I was trying to hide when I did not understand something, now I am fearless! I am no longer shy about asking for help and want to learn new things and try everything!" (Jake) 
"I feel I have changed so much. I am now far more active and much happier about being outdoors. Trying so many new things has made me become a lot more confident, especially making fires and using the forest toilet! I also enjoyed feeling a lot more responsible by being given jobs to do, like set up camp and pull the trailers." (Henry)
"I have changed a lot. I am so much more confident using the sharp tools and have learnt to really think before I use them. I have also become a lot more independent in sorting out problems for myself and not asking so many questions." (Mia)
"I am now a "I can do this!" type of person and don't give up! I will now take a risk and try new things." (Max)
"I now really want to keep trying out new things, both in a group or by myself. I want to get out there and find new creatures and explore the woods!" (Zara)
"I have changed in that I now want to go outside a lot more. I now want to play with mud and water a lot more and just get creative!" (James)