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The PTA - September 2014


Unfortunately, our remaining PTA Committee Members felt that with increasing personal work commitments, they were unable to run a formal PTA, as no new parents had expressed an interest in taking over the roles of committee members. 


However, the former PTA members have kindly agreed to support school staff in events such as discos, chocolate tombola etc, which do not need the same time commitment as Christmas Fairs. We are very grateful for their continued support, but hope that new parents may revive the formal committee at a later date.


What was the PTA and what did it do for your school and your children?

We hope all parents could see the benefits and enjoyment that our children have experienced through the PTA "Parent & Teacher Association" and that in oganising fund raising events we were able to provide extras for the school and children that otherwise would not be available.


As with any worthwhile cause it involved hard work and organisation and the PTA is no exception to this, but this was easily rewarded with the satisfaction of seeing how much the children enjoyed the events, and the extras we were able to buy for them with the money we raised.


The majority of us were working parents who had or have children at the school. New, proactive parents are needed as committee members. It was a fun and rewarding challenge to everyone involved and made a big difference to your child's future!


Any new parental support or ideas that you have would be welcomed. If you would like to get involved in restarting the PTA  please don't hesitate to approach the Scool Office for advice.


What did the PTA mean to your children?

We  attended some of the school assemblies so we could hear the children's and teacher's views directly, particularly on where they would like to see any new funds spent. It gave us the opportunity to talk to the children and explain a little more directly about the PTA involvement in thier school.


Our former  PTA is always keen to share and update parents with information; through our fundraising we have purchased the following items for the school:


House movie night food and drink for house winners.

15 netbooks

£500 contribution for books and scanning software for the school library

8 digital cameras for children

New Numicon maths resource - a multi-sensory maths approach which combines professional development and structured apparatus to raise achievement in maths.

Annual contribution of £150 to gardening club.

New digital camera for school, pictures for website and literature

Year 6 photo booth

DJ hire

Climbing Wall


Some interesting old facts:

  • In 1967 the first minutes available show 39 members present at one meeting.
  • A second hand clothing sale in 1967 raised £3.8.8½d (yes that was, three pounds, eight shillings and eight and a half pence!)
  • In 1968, the PTA contributed £100 to purchase new Theatre Blocks for the stage.
  • In 1970, if you didn’t already know, the school had a swimming pool built which gave many youngsters the chance to learn to swim on site.  The PTA was very involved with this project and raised much needed funds towards this installation.  After giving many years service, the pool was unfortunately removed when it became in need of repair and too costly to maintain.
  • In the same year they started a Lottery and asked parents to join in to raise the remaining funds for the pool.
  • £233 was raised through a Sponsored Swim.
  • Paper Storage Bins & a Duplicator were purchased by the PTA in 1979.  Yes that was a Duplicator!
  • In 1981 funds were handed over for the rental of a television and blackout curtains.  The difference here was that they arranged a sewing party and the curtains were made by the members!
  • Bibles, musical instruments, playground equipment, CD players and resource material have all been purchased together with donations towards the conservation area, leaver’s parties and gifts.  This list is not exhaustive!