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How did Forest School make you feel?

"It made me feel free and happy because I haven't been outside for a long, long time!" (Eli)


"I feel happy, free and excited ... I love to get messy!" (Zara)


"I just feel so happy because I just love being there, outside, in the woods!" (Ava)


"You always feel totally exhausted by the end of the day because there is just so much to do!" (Ibrahim)

"It makes you smile all day because I love being outside and with nature." (Dehlen)


"Forest School always makes me feel happy because you get to do really fun stuff outside in the open air." (Andy)


"I always feel happy at Forest School because I am outside all day surrounded by my friends." (Yasmin)


"It makes me feel so excited! We don't have to do anything except have fun and all the time I feel so safe and free!" (Isabelle)

"Forest School always makes me smile. It is a proper break away from the normal school day. We should do it every week!" (Samuel)


"It makes me feel so happy! You get to learn so many new things, but in such a fun way." (Christopher)


"I always get so excited because I can get all dirty!" (Hollie)


"Forest School makes me so happy because I am out of the classroom and in the open air!" (Megan)


"I feel amazing! You spend all your time out in the woods and not sitting at a desk working!" (Max)