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EGGS Group


We are committed to raising the achievement of all learners
in our community through collaborative networking.”


The East Grinstead Group of Schools (EGGS) consists of sixteen schools, fourteen primary and two secondary, in the East Grinstead area.  We work closely together to ensure that the provision and learning experience for, and achievement of every child who attends one of our member schools, is of the highest quality. 


Each school in our network family is a unique place of learning with different strengths.  We aim for mutual support whilst maintaining the variety we offer.  Our network is not confined to West Sussex boundaries and includes one primary school from Surrey. Whilst we do not intend to be identical we hold common values and aspirations. 


These include:


  • Every Child Matters – every learner in our network community is a valued and valuable individual who is able to make progress, contribute to his or her school and the wider community.  Each learner is entitled to be safe and happy.
  • All members of our school communities are learners.  Staff, parents, governors and pupils are all entitled to be consulted and contribute to developments within school or across the network.
  • The key focus of our efforts will always be the learners within our schools – actions, decisions etc. will always bear this in mind.
  • Every child is a unique individual and must be included in our community and consulted (via Pupil Voice strategies) in a manner relevant and appropriate to their needs.
  • Networking is a valuable tool in sharing (and building) expertise, skills and experience.
  • Attending any EGGS school is an advantage to the learner!


We organise collaborative development projects and groups to share good practice to support each school in enhancing the provision for every learner.  One of the important groups is our pupil group, known as OMLETS (Our Marvellous Little Eggs Team) who meet regularly.


These groups and projects are carefully planned, monitored and evaluated by the Headteachers’ Steering Group, to ensure effective use of funding allocated to locality working.  We also employ two key members of staff to oversee and manage projects, a project manager and a learning mentor coordinator.