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What have been your favourite activities?

"Designing and making your own amulets, plus the cooking of fresh popcorn over the fire." (Eli)


"Definitely the den making because you got to explore the forest looking for materials to make it." (Micky)


"Roasting the marshmallows because they were just so yummy!" (Ibrahim)


"Making rope using the brambles and then using it to make my den. Mr T said I was totally the best at doing this!" (Jake)


"I loved making things out of wood and clay because I love being crafty and don't get much chance to do it normally." (Erin)

"My favourite was whittling the wood because it was so much fun and so relaxing to make your own spear from a stick!" (Andy)


"Making the dens was great because it was fun working with my friends and made me feel so creative!" (Yasmin)


"I enjoyed using the flint and steel because it was really challenging and made you feel great when you made your own mini fire!" (Hope)


"I really enjoyed making the dens because it gave me a chance to work together with a team to make something amazing!" (Charley)

"I loved going on bug hunts and finding woodlice because I love insects and learning about them." (Hollie)


"I loved the 'Glove Monster' game. It was great to play together and such a laugh!" (Emily)


"I really enjoyed spending the morning making a den with my friends so we could all eat lunch in there together. It was fun and had a real purpose too!" (Isabelle)


"Digging for the natural clay. I just love to dig!" (Zachary)


"I loved all the cooking. You got to bake over a real fire ... then eat it!" (Alice)