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How does Forest School make you feel?

"Forest School makes me think about the future." (Samuel)
"I'm so happy! Forest School is like normal school but outside and so much more fun!" (Henry)
"Forest School always makes me feel excited!" (Vincent)
"It makes me feel freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee because I get to run around, play and have fun in the woods!" (Henry)
"Forest School makes me feel so creative because I get to make whatever I want to like amulets and clay boats." (Callum)
"Forest School always makes me feel free because there are no walls to hold you back." (Max)
"Forest School makes me feel super-happy because there are no rules with playing in the mud!" (Tom)
"Forest School makes me feel happy because I can play with my friends and learn new survival skills." (Zara)
"I makes you feel so happy because you get to be free in what you do and how you do it!" (Ashton)
"It always makes me feel excited because I just love every bit of it!" (Esme)
"Forest School always makes me feel so excited because I know that I will have a fun and amazing day outside!" (Jessica)
"It makes me feel so free and magical inside!" (Emily)
"I always feel so happy, excited and even a bit crazy because you're out in the fresh air with the great feeling of wind in your hair!" (Lottie)