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How does Forest School make you feel?

"It makes me feel free. I get to be out of school and out of my house. I never really go to the woods and do these sorts of activities." (Lucas)


"It makes me feel very happy because I'm spending time with my friends and get covered in mud!" (Dannie)


"Happy and confident because I learnt so many new things!" (Jack)


"It makes me feel free! I get to play in the woods and get away from school work for a while!" (Amelia)

"It makes me feel so happy because instead of being stuck in school doing work, you can actually enjoy talking to your friends and being active outside!" (Henry)


"Amazing! I just felt like I could roam free!" (Thomas)


"Relaxed. Calm. Crazy. Funny. A bit of everything!" (Megan)


"Calm. I don't have to concentrate so much and had time to relax and unwind." (Thomas)

"Happy and free because you it's fun to learn outside!" (Jennifer)


"So happy and filled with fun because I just love to get out into the forest and being adventurous!" (Matthew)


"Happy and excited. It makes you feel energized. It is just so nice to have time off from all the stress of school work." (Teagan)


"I think I am starting to get what the woods mean for nature and think it is great that we can visit the home of so many wild animals." (Oliver)