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Year 6 - Season of Winter 2022

Wonderful Winter Adventures for Year 6 in our Chilly (and very muddy!) Forest School

Year 6 Forest School - The Season of Winter

Well, the leaves are certainly off most of the trees now, leaving only the ivy, holly and pine to glow green in the watery winter sunshine! It is also a lot damper underfoot, with muddy puddles and a rather large pool of water now here to stay until the spring.


With Year 6 all properly wrapped up for the cold and covered in a waterproof layers to keep out the damp, we are ready to learn all about the winter forest and discover new skills and experiences. We shall also keep the campfire glowing hot, with plenty of yummy snacks ready to make when batteries run low!

Scroll down to see 100s of fantastic photos of Year 6 winter adventures at Forest School 2022