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How does Forest School make you feel?

"So happy. It gives you a chance to do what you want, how you want, but without all the rules." (Bailey)


"Amazing. You can eat your snacks and lunch wherever you want in the open woods or your den ... and you can get as messy and muddy as you like!" (Holly)


"Forest School makes me feel like I am free because I can look and touch nature. It is so calming because you can do so many different activities over the day in any order and at any time." (Frankie)


"Forest School makes me feel so happy because I am free to do what I want in and around nature." (Millie)

"It makes me feel calm, relaxed and happy because it is such a nice change to get outside and connect with nature." (Izzy)


"I love Forest School. It is just so different and we get a chance to learn so many new things!" (Lily)


"Forest School made me feel so happy because I got to go outside and really enjoy myself away from the classroom." (Lois)


"I loved feeling so active because I so rarely go out into the woods and I loved the chance to be creative!" (Javison)

"Forest School makes me feel energetic and WILD!" (Imaan)


"It makes me feel like we have stepped back in time as we make tools from wood and make fire using flint and steel for heat ... and all the time surrounded by nature." (Nathan)


"Forest School makes me feel happy because I get a chance to be away from man's creations!" (Angelo)


"It makes me feel both excited and calm. I'm outside, away from school and feel like I am living the dream!" (Evie)


"Forest School makes me so happy because I get to have fun, run around, explore the woods and learn new skills ... all at the same time!" (Peyton)


"It makes me so excited to be away from school, outside in the fresh air and not sat in the classroom." (Oliver)