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How would you describe Forest School?

"It's a chance to be explorers for a day!" (Lacey)


"Forest School is a lot of fun and really encourages creativity." (Veronica)


"It is where you troop out into the forest and do all sorts of activities to boost your confidence with going outside into the wild." (Jessica)


"It is simply one of the best times you'll ever have at school!" (George)

"It is a great place to learn survival skills, as well as some important life skills too!" (Fin)


"Forest School really is one of the most fun things you will ever probably do." (Peige)


"It is an opportunity to be yourself and discover the wild, fun side of yourself." (Lola)


"Forest School is about learning useful skills to help you out in the woods. It is about having fun with your friends whilst staying safe." (Olivia)

"It's amazing. You get a break from learning inside by getting outside to be creative!" (Emily)


"Forest School feels like an escape from Year 6 school work! It is a wonderfully different learning experience out in the open air." (Louis)


"It is all about having a whole day where you can go out into the forest and do lots of things you wouldn't be able to do normally back in school." (Maya)


"It is just so nice to get outside and have some fun in the woods!" (George)