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What have been you favourite activities?

"I loved learning to use the knife because you can create so many wonderful things, like whittling a stick or making a necklace." (Micky)
"Learning to use the flint and steel because it is soooo much fun when you can make a fire from just a few sparks!" (Ava)
"I liked building an underground place because I got to build it using whatever was there around me." (Jack)
"I love digging into the mud and clay because I like getting my paws mucky ... and it is just so much fun!" (James)
"I liked making the popcorn and marshmallows over the fire because they were so fresh, warm and nice to eat." (Harry)
"It would have to be whittling and using the flint and steel, the woods are just such a fun place to learn new skills!" (Cara)
"I liked making a bridge over a puddle because it gave me a chance to learn and use new skills." (Christopher)
"Getting muddy ... because who cares about a little bit of mud?" (Emelia)
"My best activity was exploring! You can go all over the woods and discover new things and you cannot do that inside school." (Henry)
"I loved the whittling because it is really comfortable sitting on a stump and so relaxing shaping the wood with a knife." (Ashton)
"I enjoyed making the clay models from clay I had dug myself. It was great to have something I invented myself." (Zachary)
"I think it is being allowed to play with my friends in muddy puddles because I am never allowed to that at home!" (Amirah)
"I really enjoyed making the amulet and animal head necklaces because I got to design and make them myself." (Hollie)
"I loved the whittling because it made me feel so calm inside." (Megan)
"I enjoyed all the activities. It gave me the chance to do what I want when I want. I also loved the chance to play!" (Emily)
"I liked it when Grace painted my face using ash from the fire. I looked amazing!" (Thea)
"I loved playing with the mud and being in the mud because it doesn't matter if I get dirty at Forest School!" (Henry)
"Making a fire with the help of my friend." (Mia)
"I liked the chance to learn and play outside with my friends." (Sammy)
"My favourite activity was using the snippers to make survival rope and making dens. I loved these because I could do them together with all my friends." (Zara)