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As a school we are keen to develop our global links to support the development of all stakeholder's compassion and understanding. By developing these global links in a contrasting country and part of the world, members of our school community will be able to build up a ‘global partnership’ where the sharing of the Gospel values can be explored and shared and we can build up a school to school link.


In Summer 2021, our Worship Leaders, along with the School Council, chose for our school to support an international charity called Champion Chanzige. This incredible charity was founded by a member of our local community, Philippa Jacobs, and supports a number of primary schools in Tanzania, Africa.

We have established a mutually beneficial global partnership links to a school in Tanzania that is highly valued by adults and pupils alike. Below is an outline of the proposed project.


Our Global Partnership: Msimbu Primary

Where: Tanzania

With whom: Champion Chanzige

The Project: To build a playground for Msimbu Primary with the help of Kipepeo Recycling

How: Fundraising target of £1,000 (£140 raised so far)


So far, we have held a whole-school Tanzania Day, which raised £150, where children and staff dressed in the colours of the Tanzanian flag and compared parts of Africa, debunking misconceptions and deepening their understanding of the disparities between our school experience and that of pupils in Tanzania. We also wrote letters to the pupils of Msimbu, which Philippa took to Tanzania on our behalf, and received replies.


Miss Warsap (our RE Lead) is in regular communication with one of the teachers from Msimbu, who often shares pictures and messages of gratitude and and thankfulness. Our children enjoy these updates in Thursday worships.


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