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School Uniform


At Copthorne CE Junior School we pride ourselves on the appearance of all the children who attend our wonderful school.  Our school uniform is smart and practical.  We really like all pupils to wear it because we want them to develop a sense of pride and a feeling of belonging to our school.  All items embroidered with our school logo are available from our Mapac uniform website  Book bags can be purchased from the school office. 


All clothing worn in school should be clearly labelled.  The uniform that the Governors and staff would like your child to wear is as follows:


Winter Uniform



Navy sweatshirt with school logo or navy zip-up fleece with school logo
White polo shirt with school logo
Grey long trousers (no jeans or cords)
Grey or black socks
Black school shoes (no trainers or plimsolls)
Waterproof coat with a hood



White polo shirt with school logo or white blouse
Grey long trousers (no jeans,  cords or leggings)
Grey skirt or pinafore dress
Navy sweatshirt with school logo
Navy cardigan with school logo
Navy zip-up fleece with school logo
Grey or white socks or dark tights
Black school shoes, with low heels (no trainers or plimsolls)
Waterproof coat with a hood

Wellies and boots may be worn on the journey to school, but are not to be worn in classrooms.

With regards to footwear, we ask that you ensure your child wears sensible shoes for school.  Please resist the appeals for what is 'fashionable' and protect your child's feet while they are still forming.


Summer Uniform



Pale blue and white stripes or check summer dress
Grey tailored shorts or Grey culottes (no very short shorts or hotpants; shorts should also be worn with socks not tights)



White shirts/polo shirts
Grey tailored shorts (no football shorts)

PE and Games

It is essential that children have a change of clothing for P.E.
Navy or black shorts
Navy or black games skirt   
N.B. safety regulations require shorts for gymnastics and dance rather than a tracksuit
Black or white plimsolls
Shoe bag
Black or Navy blue tracksuit for outside games in winter
Football boots, and/or stout trainers for outdoor use


All children will need a school logo T-Shirt in their House colour for PE and games.  Your child will have a House assigned to them when they join the school.  


  • Thayer - Red
  • Shackleton - Green
  • Fiennes - Blue 
  • Drake- Yellow


Available from the office are book bags with the school logo. £4.00


Art and Craft: 
Children should bring aprons and/or shirts for messy activities as the school cannot be responsible for stained clothing.


Jewellery and other items: 
Rings, bracelets and necklaces can cause problems at school and can also be dangerous.  Parents are asked to see that these are not worn to school.  We would prefer children not to wear earrings to school. However, if they do, then they should only be small studs. All earrings must be removed for PE by the child to ensure everyone participating in the activity is kept safe. If they cannot be removed themselves then they must be covered with micropore tape which parents are asked to provide. Similarly, watches, fit-bits and such like must be removed during all PE or sporting activities.


As we are unable to accept responsibility for items lost, we do not encourage children to bring i-pods, gameboys and nintendos to school at any time.  If your child is walking to school they may bring a phone, but must hand it in at the office upon arrival and collect it at the end of the school day.  Kindles can be brought into school but no apps can be used and they are the child's responsibility.