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The founder of Champion Chanzige, Philippa Jacobs, has visited us on several occasions to deliver school worships about what life is like for a school child in Tanzania.


May 2021 - "Philippa showed us that schools in Tanzania do not have many things so they need help raising money for things that are important to them. She helped us learn how we can help make their school a better place." - Year 6 pupil


February 2022 - Philippa answered some of the children's questions from the whole-school homework that was set, such as:


"Do they learn as well as us without the same resources?"

"Do all children go to school?"

"How do they get to school and how far away is it?"

"What's a typical school day like for a Tanzanian child?"

"Do they learn the same subjects as us?"

"What faiths do they follow?"