School Logo

In a few words, what is Forest School to you?

"Fun, Messy, Exciting ... and Nice Food!" (Lilian)


"Amazing ... Just Amazing!" (Bailey)


"Creative, Full of Fun, Teamwork!" (Javison)


"Amazing, Adventurous, Fun, Creative!" (Frankie)


"Cool, Creative Adventures with Nature!" (Izzy)


"Creative, Independent, AMAZING!" (Millie)

"Fun, Creative and Full of Laughter!" (Lois)


"Extraordinary Fun and Excitement!" (George)


"A Wonderful Fun Time with Nature!" (Imaan)


"Amazing, Fun and Totally Awesome!" (Nathan)


"Creative, Independent, Motivating and Fun!" (Evie)


"A Brilliant Fun-Filled Day Out!" (Oliver)

"An Amazing Survival Experience!" (Monty)


"Fun ... But can you ever have too much fun?" (Oliver)


"Happy and Amazing Curiosity!" (Riley)


"Helpful, Fun and Creative!" (Lily)


"Cool. Just very, very Cool!" (Harrison)