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What have been your favourite activities?

"Building dens because it gave you a chance to experiment with different designs." (Emily)


"My best activity was ... EVERYTHING! All of it was so interesting and fun to learn about, plus you got to go adventuring out in the woods!" (Charlotte)


"We did so many cool activities and fun games together. I learnt so many new things and had lots of fun!" (Vincent)


"I loved whittling because you could make so many different things just using a knife." (George)

"My best activity at Forest School was whittling and den building because is was totally AWESOME ... and calming at the same time!" (No name!)


"I loved spending time whittling. It was just so relaxing." (Aiden)


"Making dens was great because you can use your imagination and ideas to create something new." (Hattie)


"Building the dens was my favourite activity at Forest School because you got to spend time working together with your people you like." (Janna)

"Making dens in the woods was great because they were big enough to sit in and have lunch!" (Ellie)


"I enjoyed creating mini fires with my friends, plus the sawing because it was really fun to learn and I could see myself getting better and better." (Lily)


"I loved the whittling because it have me a new skills and something to give my parents." (Lola)


"The whittling was just so ... SATISFYING!" (George)


"Amulet making using the saw and knife was fun because I got to use tools you don't use in everyday life." (Peige)