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How would you describe Forest School?

"It's time to go and explore nature!" (Emily)


"I would describe it as a really fun way to learn things outside, building your confidence in ways you wouldn't ever think to try." (Charlotte)


"Forest School is learning about the 'wild outside' and understanding that learning is not something you just do inside, writing on paper at your desk!" (Louis)


"You go on a fantastic journey into the woods to enjoy 6 hours of survival and fun surrounded by nature." (Harry)

"You know it is a Forest School day when you get outside in the fresh air and have lots of fun activities!" (Charlie)


"It is where you get to try hands-on learning, like chopping wood, whittling and learning to make dens that you could survive in. You also make fires, toast marshmallows and can eat lunch anywhere!" (Soha)


"It is a few whole days out in the woods that give you a chance to learn how to do things your parents never thought to teach you!" (Lacey)


"It is fun out in the woods that give you time to explore, be creative and fulfill your curiosity!" (Lola)

"You get a chance to get outside the classroom and school and have fun!" (George)


"It is where you go out to the forest and do exciting activities, learning about how to be safe out in the woods." (Mia)


"Forest School gives me a chance to be fun and creative!" (Moiz)


"It is just so much fun being creative and making cool things from nature." (Fin)


"I thought Forest School made learning fun, exploring the woods and learning new things, while feeling totally safe." (Scarlett)