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What have been your favourite activities?

"My favourite activity is whittling because is calm me down." (Harrison)


"Making the fire was amazing. I love making fires and having so much time to relax and learn to create them safely and properly was fantastic." (Riley)


"Making objects from wood and clay because of the feeling of total satisfaction you get once you complete it." (Oliver)


"I loved the clay mining because it gave me a chance to make presents for my friends from the clay I had dug up by myself." (Albert)

"Setting up a clay shop with loads of other people in my group was great fun!" (Alfie)


"I loved the clay making because it allowed me to express my art in the outdoors. I also loved the den building because we had so much fun working together." (Maddy)


"Den building was a great team activity and after a day working with my group, we are far closer as friends than before we build it." (Peyton)


"I enjoyed being trusted to be in charge of the saw and teaching my skills to others." (Evie)

"Den building was great because it gave me the chance to work as a team to create something big together." (Freddie)


"The den building was fantastic. At one time we had 12 out of 15 of the group all working together on different parts. We never do that at school." (George)


"It isn't really an activity as such, but I loved eating all the food we cooked! Oh, and I loved making the bats!" (Lois)


"The whittling was great fun because it is calming and you get to create cool stuff!" (Lily)


"The den building was a fantastic chance to just let your imagination run wild!" (Izzy)