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Parent Voice on Forest School Impact

Message sent from a resident on Spring Gardens, bordering the Forest School site:

"I walk my chocolate Labrador through the woods behind Spring Gardens each morning. It is truly fantastic to see the children of Copthorne Junior School enjoying the outside of the classroom! I often stop and chat to the children about their experiences and I love seeing the sculptures and pictures made of wood, leaves and acorns. I must compliment your organisation and teaching, as well as the lovely manners and behaviour of all the children from the school."


Messages and thoughts from parents of children at Copthorne School about Forest School:

"A really valuable experience, which should be compulsory for all children."


"My child has really enjoyed his Year 3 and 4 Forest School experiences, always telling me that, "It was the best part of the week!"


"The pictures on the website are excellent and give us a real insight into what Forest school is all about."


"My child has always loved Forest School. He has learnt a lot of new skills and has then used them at Scouts."


"You always know he has had a fun day when he comes back totally filthy!"


"My son loves Forest School and always has a great time, coming home with what all the children and Mr Turner have been getting up to."


"Just a real shame it cannot happen a bit more often, but can understand why."


"She thoroughly enjoys Forest School, especially (in her own words) as it means no reading or writing for the day! She loves the camp fires, marshmallows, and, of course, getting muddy!"


My child could not wait to get to school on his Forest School days! 


"Once again, Mr Turner and Forest School has been the main topic of conversation in the house! We have a huge selection of ruined clothes, hand-carved wooden items, clay models and, most importantly, stories of the days ... personally, I could not ask for more!"


My child has been lighting and putting out small fires all over the garden, telling us what to do step-by-step, just as Mr T had shown him in the forest.