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Do you feel more confident and independent?

"I feel far braver around fires now that I understand how to make one and put it out safely. I have even done this at home now ... all on my own! Forest School has made me far more creative and want to try out new things." (Henry)


"I never liked to eat outside, but now I have done it with all my friends, it is great!" (Rosie)


"I feel like I have so many new skills. It has given me more confidence and curiosity to get out into the woods and have adventures!" (Thomas)


"I am no longer afraid of bugs. I also feel more independent to do my own thing and use my own ideas!" (Pippa)

"It has made me relax and chill out. It gave me time to have fun. I got to try new things and be as creative as I wanted. I felt far more independent and started to want to try out harder stuff and learn new skills like using the knife and bow saw to make things from wood." (Teagan)


"I now want to get out and explore the forest far more by myself. I just feel smarter about the woods now." (Lara)


"I feel like I want to go outside more on my own and am able to do this now. It makes me want to build stuff!" (Toby)


"It has made me want to get some of my own kit so I can use my skills at home. I feel a lot more independent and want to try new things!" (Noah)

"Forest School made me far more creative because in lockdown I was always bored and whenever I was in the woods I never looked for sticks, I just went for a walk or rode my bike ... then I realised that you can make and do so many things with all the parts of the forest. It feels different now." (Ryan)


"Now I feel more comfortable to show off the things I make at home. Now when someone says, "I wanna see! I wanna see!", I really want to show them. After Forest School, when I do something that's hard, I don't ask for help so much, I just keep trying. I know I can do things by myself now." (Tiffany)


"I loved doing stuff I haven't done before. I wanted to know and learn how to make the best den and then made one on my own with no help." (Halen)


"I feel far happier outside with my friends working as a team, but also became more independent and realised I can do things by myself too." (Raegan)


"I now love jumping in the mud! I am also now curious about how adults can get prepared for going out into the wild to camp." (Jack)