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Autism Awareness Ambassadors

What is an Autism Ambassador?


Our children had the opportunity to apply to be an Autism Ambassador to help themselves and their peers develop an understanding of the impact of having Autism Spectrum Disorder.  There is an increasing awareness of the real difference that can be made to an autistic pupil when they are supported by staff and peers who have a good understanding of their condition. 


The Autism Ambassadors at Copthorne are developing their knowledge about Autism by working with knowledgeable staff in school and an advisory teacher from the West Sussex Autism and Social Communication Team.  Following on from this initial training, their role will be to raise awareness amongst their peers within the school community and then to develop awareness beyond the school.  The group of Ambassadors will choose what activities they want to undertake in order to raise awareness but some ideas may include leading assemblies, fundraising activities, organising guest speakers and collaborating with other schools to meet their Autism Ambassadors.


Who are our Autism Ambassadors?












Our Projects


Last year, our ambassadors acquired resources for a quiet outside area for all pupils to use at playtimes if they want to. They chose to name this space 'Arthur's Place' after our school reading therapy dog. They led worships in each year group to launch this area and discuss rules they created for using this space.


Currently, the Autism Ambassadors are creating child-friendly posters to help all children understand facts and myths about Autism. These will be displayed around the school to help raise awareness.