School Logo

Christian Distinctiveness


 “Creating confident, curious learners”


Our Vision:

At Copthorne C.E Junior School we believe that every child and adult is unique. Our vision means that by the time our children leave at the age of eleven, they will be creative and confident learners, with curious minds, a lifelong love of learning and a co-operative, thoughtful and considerate approach to life.

This vision is underpinned by our values and our school ethos.


Our Ethos:

The ethos of Copthorne Junior School is to work together to extend Jesus’ model of the Kingdom of God on earth, by living out a lifestyle through the Christian values and according to His teaching. We are inspired by His message, His life and example through which God’s unconditional love for all people is expressed. Recognising our historic foundation, we seek to preserve and develop the religious character of our school in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the local parish church and Chichester Diocese.

The school aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of our Christian beliefs and practices. Inspired by these values we aim to provide an exciting, fun and stimulating environment, where all children feel happy, safe, and motivated to achieve greater things. We celebrate academic achievement as well as success in sport and art and encourage our children to do the very best they can, to be unafraid to question and challenge, and to learn to solve problems creatively.

Our Values:

At Copthorne Junior School we believe that our Christian values can be both the driver and the vehicle for our school improvement. Our values are rooted in the biblical message of God’s love for us and how we in turn grow in our own expression of our own love for Him and for each other. “We love because He loves us first” (1 John 4:19).  In working out the message of God’s love, our school values are:


COURAGE                   (having ENDURANCE, HOPE and standing up for JUSTICE)


CONFIDENCE             (through developing TRUST, PEACE and FORGIVENESS

COMPASSION           (alongside HUMILITY and SERVICE)

CURIOSITY                 (challenged in seeking WISDOM, REVERENCE and LOVE) 

To find out more about how we help our children develop an understanding of the responsibilities involved in living as part of the class, school, local and wider community, click here.

Our links to St John's Church, Copthorne

Historically, the school and St John's Church have been closely associated for many years.


The school is designated a Church Controlled School, which is exemplified by the close and valued connection between the church, school, community and Diocese.

Today, this relationship is developed with pupils in a number of ways:

  • Through regular Worship in the School led by the vicar and members of the local community
  • Attendance and preparation of special services, e.g. Harvest,  Remembrance, Easter and Leavers Services
  • Children visiting St John's Church to learn about places of worship


To find out more about St John's Church, please visit the website

Collective Worship


As a school we believe that collective worship and sharing time together is a crucial part of our broader school life. Worship is carried out every day with a "celebration" assembly on a Friday. Children may also, at times, be involved in collective workship in their classrooms. The collective worship is linked to our school values, Christian festivals and key important dates in the Christian calendar.


To find out more about pupil-led collective worship, click here.



Easter Service 2021


Our School Prayer



Dear God,


Bless our school so that by working together,

playing together

and learning together,

we may learn to serve you

and each other.



SIAMS Inspection

SIAMS inspection focuses on the impact of the Church school’s Christian vision on pupils and adults. This involves looking at the school’s Christian vision, the provision the school makes because of this vision and how effective this provision is in enabling all pupils and adults to flourish.  

The Evaluation Schedule has one inspection question: how effective is the school’s distinctive Christian vision, established and promoted by leadership at all levels, in enabling pupils and adults to flourish? 


This is explored through seven strands:

  • Vision and Leadership 
  • Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills 
  • Character Development: Hope, Aspiration and Courageous Advocacy
  • Community and Living Well Together 
  • Dignity and Respect 
  • The impact of Collective Worship
  • The effectiveness of Religious Education 


Copthorne CE Junior SIAMS report 2016



Reflection Areas


Each classroom has a prayer space or ‘reflection area’ to enable children to explore faith and spirituality in a safe, creative and interactive way.