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Year 6 Curriculum

Welcome to the Year 6 Curriculum Page!

The 2021/2022 Year 6 staff team is made up of class teachers: Miss Warsap and Miss Simpson; and Learning Support Assistant, Mrs Mouni.


Year 6 is an exciting year with lots of great learning challenges and opportunities. You can find out more about what Year 6 are learning here. At the bottom of this page, you will find a PDF curriculum overview of the year. This provides a description of the learning that takes place in each subject every term. You will also find homework grids and other documents/website links that may be useful to support your child's learning. Please also view the Year 6 Pupil Resources Section for additional information aimed at the children and useful resources.


To explore more photographs of learning in Year 6, look at the school's Wow Work pages, where you can see the range of immersive and exciting activities we have been doing all year!


If you have any questions about Year 6, please contact the Year 6 class teachers who will be happy to offer support and help:

Miss Warsap -

Miss Simpson -


Autumn Term 2020

Our exciting Year Six History Topic for the Autumn term is Wicked World War 2. Children will have the opportunity to explore: why evacuation took place; the Blitz; why the Blackout occurred and the importance of Rationing. Our topic will be brought to life with our World War 2 dress up day on 20th October. The children and Year 6 teachers will be in role and experience an exciting day of activities at school to help imagine what life was like for an evacuee child during the 1940s. The pupils will have the experience of being in an air raid shelter at the time of a bombing raid! In Art, the children will create pieces representing ‘the Blitz’ in the form of a silhouette. Later in the term, children will also create thoughtful remembrance montages.


Our core Power of Reading text for the Autumn term is ‘Stay Where You Are and Then Leave’ by John Boyne. This text explores many difficult issues about the First World War, but from the perspective of a young child, Alfie. Alfie's innocent and honest perspective makes this book truly moving and we are sure the children will enjoy developing their knowledge of World War 1. The children will be given opportunities to develop their writing skills through writing in role, letter writing, composing poetry and diary writing. In addition, the children will be planning and writing fact files about the Blitz, rationing and life as an evacuee. The children will write their own extracts of the book continuing from an exciting point in John Boyne's novel. Their writing will be made into a class book and displayed for us all to enjoy. 


In Science, the children will learn about light in relation to how the eye works, how shadows are formed and they will develop their understanding of reflection and refraction through investigations.


In Maths, the children will work on place value skills, written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, with a particular focus on reasoning and problem solving.


In Geography, the children will locate the world’s countries using maps focusing on Europe and revise the position and significance of latitude, longitude, Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and the Arctic and Antarctic Circle. They will then take a closer look at the Polar Biomes. This will give the children an understanding of the geographical landscape of our second Power of Reading text, ‘Shackleton’s Journey’.


On 23rd - 27th November, the children will take part in a Bikeability week. The course will fully prepare them to be safe when cycling on our roads.


What a busy and exciting term ahead!


Spring Term 2021

Our core Power of Reading text for the Spring term is ‘The London Eye Mystery’ by Siobhan Dowd which will keep the children captivated at every moment of the story. The main characters, Ted and his older sister Kat, arrange to take Salim on the London Eye but although they watch him go up in a pod, he never comes down again. Salim is missing. Ted's analytical mind becomes an asset as he and Kat piece together the information surrounding their cousin's disappearance and begin to unravel the mystery. As you can imagine, the children will be consistently developing their own theories and predictions as to what happened to Salim from what they infer from the text. The children will be given opportunities to develop their writing skills through writing in role, speech dialogue, performing drama  and narrative writing, where they are asked to write an alternative ending for the book.


In Maths, the children are going to be working on reading, writing and converting between different units of measure, translating shapes into their new positions using given instructions and reading and finding missing co-ordinates. We will also continue mastering multi-step problems using all four operations and tackling some algebra.


In Science, the children will be learning more about adaptation, habitats and classification and electricity. Currently in electricity, children are drawing diagrams and using symbols for certain components represented in a simple circuit and developing their understanding that the brightness of a bulb or the volume of a buzzer depends on the number and voltage of cells used in the circuit. They will also be given the opportunity to understand the purpose of a switch within a circuit and make their own.


In Geography we will look at coasts and erosion, with a focus on our unique and beautiful local Sussex coastlines. This has inspired some beautiful print-style art work. Children have been demonstrating some impressive understanding about quite technical geographical terms, such as arches, stacks and longshore drift! Our PE focus this term is Tag Rugby, Hockey and Dance. We have also taken part in Sports Relief activities and been part of an afternoon Cricket Festival.


In History, the children will develop their knowledge and understanding of early civilisations such as: The Shang Dynasty, Ancient Egyptians, Indus Valley or Ancient Sumer. The children will use role play to deepen their understanding of everyday life in these periods. The children will then research a particular civilisation in more depth and create a project based around this. 


We also have a fascinating day to be booked, where the children will take part in a role-play a mock magistrates court brought to life by volunteers who work there - this is an intriguing experience showing children how our parts of our legal system work in Britain.


Summer Term 2021

After SATs week, the children will have an exciting, jam-packed activities week from 24th - 28th May. Watch this space to find out where we will be going! Year 6 will also begin preparing for our end of year production.


In addition to rehearsing for the production, Year 6 will be starting their new text, ‘The Viewer’. The children will develop their writing skills through drama and role-play. Furthermore, the children will be engaging with the storytelling competition - this is a great opportunity for our young, budding writers to show off their skills.


In Maths, the children will be taking part in a collaborative project called ‘Milkshake Maths’ in which they run a milkshake business. The teams, made up of a time-keeper, manager and an accountant, must work together to ensure all their deadlines are met. This is an exciting opportunity for the pupils to develop team building skills and apply a range of maths knowledge in order to try and win the title of the best milkshake company!


To develop children's place knowledge in Geography, we will undertake a comparative study of the human and physical geography of a region of the United Kingdom, a region in Spain, and a region in Canada.


In History, we will continue to look at non-European societies that provides contrasts with British history – this time focusing on Mayan civilization c. AD 900. 

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Key Y6 Dates for 2020/2021:


WW2 Dress-up Day: 20th October

Bikeability Week: 23rd – 27th November 

SATs week: 10th –13th May

Activities Week: 24th –28th May

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