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Message for the current Year 5s 10.07.20

With a great final week of home learning, we both just wanted to say a huge WELL DONE for all the hard work and effort you have put in throughout the entire year. This has by no means been an easy year for you, and the determination and resilience you have shown has been incredible. We also wanted to say a big THANK YOU to your parents for continuing to support your learning and for keeping us up-to-date with how you've been getting on at home. We've absolutely loved seeing all the wonderful things you've got up to. We've also loved having 5B back this week and are looking forward to seeing 5A next week. Please keep an eye out on the Year 6 page on Monday for a message and summer project from your new (ish!) Year 6 teachers.


Have a lovely summer and a good rest, and we wish you all the best for next year,

Miss Warsap and Miss Ainsworth laugh


P.S. Below are some optional summer holiday activities.

Year 5 Against Racism

Check out the tabs below which show how Year 5 have been taking a stand against racism through discussions with friends, family, and home learning.

Send Us Your Home Learning Pictures!

Izzy's funky socks she earnt for her charity challenge!
"What's my human up to?"
Abi's been taking care of beautiful butterflies!
Livi enjoying her new David Walliams book.
Angelo working very hard on his handwriting.
I see a George through some sturdy pillars!
A proud Monty and his ancient Greek temple!
George & Livi video calling to discuss PSHE tasks.
Lily working very hard on her maths.
Abi making some lovely calming oil lamps.
Oliver and Nathan helping out with the cooking!
Albert trying out a brand new sport: FootGolf!
Izzy raised £240 for guide dogs in half term!
Check out Holly's mythological creature, 'Pegafir'
Harley working hard on his science!
Alfie making a rainbow.
Holly working hard with some help from her parrot!
Charlie's ancient artifacts and a fab rainbow!
Tilly celebrating VE Day in style!
Livi loved growing her own rainbow!
Millie having a great time being super creative!
Eva whipping up some home-made pasta
Charlie working hard on set tasks and extra DT!
Freddie & his yummy VE Day inspired DT cake!
Abi and her little brother celebrating VE Day.
Joe baking up a storm!
Livi preparing for VE Day celebrations!
Saskia busy baking and gardening!
Maddy making a yummy banana cake for DT!
Charlie whipping up a lasagna!
Oliver & Nathan enjoying their scrumptious cookies
Lois having fun with Maths & making dinner for DT.
Oliver making delicious cookies.
Frankie having great fun with home learning!
Evie making her tasty meatball spaghetti.
Ava & family enjoying some Greek Pizza!
Monty baking tasty cakes for DT...
Uh oh! They dyed his tongue blue!
Mason, baking up a storm!
Baker Livi making mini strawberry sponge cakes...
Yummy! Wish we could have tried one!
Albert making coffee for DT. We'll have one too!
Anya rockin' away on her guitar.
Archie busy making musical fusion!
Check out Holly's fab healthy eating poster!
Check out Ava's amazing xylophone she made!
Monty checking out the latest work on our website!
Ava's fab work so far!
Loving the workstation set up, Oliver!
Nathan working very hard!
Abi bringing cheer to passers-by with her rainbow
Albert carefully making his drums for Science...
...Looks like it was a great success!
George giving Joe Wicks a run for his money!
Check out Livi's new workstation!
Izzy & Buddy hard at work!

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