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Year 5 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 5




The Year 5 staff team is made up of class teachers, Dr James and Miss Ainsworth; and LSAs Miss Webber, Miss Pilling and Mrs Hollamby. 


Year 5 is an fun year with lots of great learning challenges and opportunities. Below, you will find a curriculum overview of the year. This provides a description of the learning that takes place in each subject every term. You will also find homework grids and other documents that may be useful to support your child's learning.


To explore previous learning in Year 5, look at the school's Wow Work pages and photographs below, where you can see the range of immersive and exciting activities we have been doing all year!


If you have any questions about Year 5, please contact the Year 5 class teachers who will be happy to offer support and help. You can contact the teachers on the following email addresses:


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Year 5 Knowledge Organisers

Across the school, we use knowledge organisers to summarise the key facts and essential knowledge that children need about a topic or unit of work. The information is broken down into easily digestible chunks. Children refer to these throughout the unit of study. 

What are we learning this year?

Summer 2021

For the first half of the Summer term, Year 5 will be exploring the Tudor period. We will be learning about Henry VIII, Sir Francis Drake, the grim treatment of unwanted Queens, the reason why we are a Church of England school and what it takes to become a Tudor explorer. A visit to a famous Tudor landmark should prove to be one of the highlights of the year! After half term, we will be undertaking a thematic history study of crime and punishment in England.


Our core text for this term will be Bearkeeper, which links nicely into our Tudor topic, as well as our English. We will continue to apply the ‘Power of Reading’ approach to this text, using a range of cross-curricular links such as art and drama to explore characters and story.  We will be diary writing and will also study a Shakespeare play as part of our stunning start on Shakespeare Day!



In the summer term, we will enjoy the annual Spelling Competition and spending some time preparing for the famous ‘Copthorne Junior Storytelling Competition’ ready for the finalists to perform their entries. We will be learning lots of tips and tricks along the way to really help bring our stories to life.


In Science, we will be learning about the human life cycle from conception through to old age. After half term - to link in with our history topic on crime and punishment - the children will become real-life detectives by experiencing forensic science. 


Throughout the term we will be taking part in lots of sport (Cricket, Stool-ball, Athletics and more), as well as developing our stamina during the weekly mile. We will also continue working on our mapping skills and geographical knowledge and understanding, as well as continuing to build our computing skills.

Spring 2021


Despite lockdown in the Spring term, children still thoroughly enjoyed our texts, Rooftoppers and The Nowhere Emporium, the latter being a focus of our reading comprehension tasks. In lockdown, children accessed high quality teaching of writing using the Literacy Shed and Pobble 365, Talk4Writing, Jane Consadine's outstanding stimulus "The Feast" and an Oak National Academy unit on instructional writing based around How to Tame a DragonWhen school reopened to all children, we quickly got stuck into biographical writing about the famous explorer, Francis Drake. This has introduced children to the Tudor period which we will be studying in more depth in the Summer term.


Our Maths focus this term has been multiplication, division and fractions using White Rose Maths. When all our children returned to school, we revisited these units and some Autumn term concepts around place value, addition and subtraction to ensure the children are secure before moving on to new topics.


Our topic this term was the Amazing Americas, during which we looked at location, physical geography (climate, biomes and vegetation belts) and human geography (for example, settlement, land use, trade, and natural resources). We identified physical characteristics and key topographical features, as well as learning about the significance of the prime/Greenwich meridian and time zones including day and night. 


Our Science topics this term were Properties and Changes of Materials and Forces. Usually we would be getting outside as much as possible to investigate forces and will be applying our scientific understanding of forces to a fantastic DT project where we make our own wind buggies. This year, we observed numerous experiments on Oak National Academy videos. As soon as everyone returned to school, we threw ourselves into hands on experiments using a range of materials to observe evaporation, solubility and other reactions to mixing substances. We even made alien soup! 


Throughout lockdown, we focused on weekly wellbeing - whether that be physical exercise, resting, meditating and mindfulness. In RE, we really enjoyed learning about Hinduism and creating our own shrines. We also kept in mind our Zones of Regulation strategies for helping us manage our feelings and sensations. 


Autumn 2020

Welcome! We are so excited to have you all back in school smiley 


To help us get back into the swing of learning, we will be spending time bonding as a year group and "learning to learn" again. Our focus for this term is 'Trying New Things' and 'Working Hard'. We launched this by getting outside in the September sunshine and then working together to prepare and paint pallets to hang our own decorated plant pots on. Each child enjoyed planting flowers and bulbs in their own pot. The children tried new activities and worked brilliantly as a year group team to add this additional colour to our pond area.


We started the academic year by studying the Ancient Greeks as our history topic. Lots of creative activities  launched the topic in the first few weeks. We had a special Greek Day, where, in brilliant sunshine and dressed in Ancient Greek costumes, we had a fun-packed day of making pottery, creating wreath crowns, taking part in a mini Olympics and sampling a range of  traditional Greek food. 



This term, our first Power of Reading text was Varmints by Helen Ward. This beautiful picture book explores how easy it is to lose touch with nature and the importance of looking after our planet. This ties in perfectly with our Science topic - Living Things and their Habitats - where we investigated animal life cycles. 


After half term, we read The Adventures of Odysseus and then The Princess' Blankets. These high quality texts entertain the children, as well as inspire high quality written work such as non-chronological reports, character studies, diary writing, persuasive and instructional writing.  As we moved towards the end of term, we immersed ourselves in poetry connected to Bonfire Night and Remembrance Commemorations. In December, inspired by the poem Twas the Night Before Christmas, the children created their own narrative story of their Christmas Eve. 



Maths in the Autumn term focused on revision of Year 4 concepts, new place value skills, more advanced written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as developing reasoning and problem solving skills.


We started a new PSHE scheme of work this year and, to begin with, we will be looking at our mental and physical well-being and positive and healthy relationships. Throughout the term, we will have a PE coach for part of our weekly PE lessons. In the second half of the Autumn term, our learning to learn focus is 'Imagine' and 'Understanding others'.

 What a jam-packed, fun and inspiring term!






Year 5 2019-2020

2019-2020 Year 5 Geography Field trip to 'The Brook' based on our unit of work 'Rivers'

2019-2020 Year 5 Tower of London and Globe Theatre trip