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Year 5 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 5! The information below will give you an overview of the exciting term ahead.

Please read the curriculum overview for information about what will be covered in each subject.

Autumn 2019

For the first half-term in Autumn, Year 5 will be looking at their Tudor topic, where they will learn about Henry VIII, Sir Francis Drake, the grim treatment of unwanted Queens, the reason why we are a Church of England school and what it takes to become a Tudor explorer. The visit to London should prove to be one of the highlights of the year, as we will embark on a Tudor adventure to the Tower of London as well as having a drama workshop at The Globe.


Our core text for this term will be ‘Bearkeeper’ which links nicely into our Tudor topic, as well as our English. We will continue to apply the ‘Power of Reading’ approach to this text, using a range of cross-curricular links such as art and drama to explore characters and story.

Spring 2020

Since this term began, the children have been thoroughly engaged by Rooftoppers, and have been hard at work getting to know the key characters. We have been focusing particularly on Sophie and Charles and are looking forward to discovering how Sophie’s adventure unfolds!


As many of you will now know, we do not have a topic in Year 5 this term, as we are focusing on our texts and the Power of Reading work. Our visit this term will be a 2 day residential visit to Bowles Outdoor Activity Centre.

We have also planned art and design technology days, details of which will follow.


In Science, we will be thinking biologically as we begin to look at life cycles! This links nicely to our topic in the Summer term, Body Matters. The pupils have been applying strategic thinking to their PE lessons where we have been working on different skills useful to invasion games, which could then be applied to a variety of sports.

Summer 2020

This term we are reading 'Cosmic' written by Frank Cottrell Boyce 'A clever, funny and suspenseful novel written by a comic genius'. We hope this will both entertain the children as well as inspiring some high quality written work.


After half term, we will be spending some time preparing for the famous ‘Copthorne Junior Storytelling Competition’ ready for the finalists to perform their entries. We will be learning lots of tips and tricks along the way to really help bring our stories to life.


In Science this term we are learning about sound. As well as carrying out a number of investigations about how sounds are made, we will be creating our own musical instruments as part of D.T. This topic will be followed by another Science topic - 'Body Matters'.


Throughout the term we will be taking part in lots of sport (Cricket, Stool-ball, Athletics and more) as well as developing our stamina during the weekly mile. We will also continue working on our mapping skills and geographical knowledge and understanding as well as continuing to build our computing skills.

Of course, there will be lots of Maths too. 


Bring on the fun-filled and action packed Summer Term!

Mrs Appleton and Miss Ainsworth