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Year 3 - Season of Autumn

Fantastic Forest School Adventures for Year 3 in our Copthorne Common Camp

Year 3 Forest School - The Season of Autumn

For 2020, Year 3 get to experience life out in the woods during the season of autumn, watching the leaves change colour, temperatures slowly dropping and mud underfoot appearing!


So far, the children have begun to learn how to cut wood using a bow saw and shaping their creations with clipper knives. They have mined for clay, creating wonderful creatures and tree faces from what they have dug from the ground. Year 3 have also been busy making woodland dens, binding their sticks with freshly cut and de-thorned survival rope made from brambles.


But that's not all ... we have learnt to make an 'upside down' campfire (using wrists, sausages, pencils and spaghetti - don't worry, ask a Year 3 child to explain!) and begun to learn cooking skills over the flames! Our homemade popcorn maker is proving a huge success, as is baking puff pastry on sticks!


And don't forget the fairies! As the children have learnt about the trees growing in the woodland, so we have heard about the link between the plants and the faerie kingdom! As a result, we have been busy making tiny fairy homes for the Little People, as well as some beautiful forest floor art to make the woods even more beautiful.


On top of all this, Year 3 are getting more and more organised when setting up and breaking down camp ... though their driving skills with Tom and Jerry (our faithful trolleys) still needs a bit of work!


Now that we are starting WHOLE DAYS out in the woods, I am sure many more skills we be learnt and endless new adventure had!

Putting designs onto freshly cut amulets
Teamwork to build fairy homes
Freshly dug clay creates magical creatures
New home for our fairy friends
Paired effort to create a secret fairy home
Team cooking using our homemade popcorn machine
Autumn art on the forest floor
Ready to hammer in sticks to build something amazing
Fairy houses with acorn pathways
Group effort to make a fairy palace
Fairy homes nestled in tree roots
Finishing touches to tree root fairy house
Autumn sunshine across camp
Relaxing under the autumn forest canopy
Sharing ideas for fairy house
Making tree faces from freshly dug clay
Time to make a forest den!
Clay mining is mucky work!
Woodland artwork
Making popcorn over a fire
Freshly popped and ready to eat!
Year 3 LOVE warm popcorn!
Popping popcorn over the fire
Munching on warm popcorn around the campfire
Teamwork to build a den
Hammered a stick in the ground ... what next?
All smiles out in the woods!
Making survival rope from bramples
Snipping brambles to make survival rope
All smiles on a damp autumn afternoon!
We LOVE popcorn ... with a dash of sugar!
Forest artwork in a den yet to be made!
Digging new steps on the slope
Mud, glorious mud!
Relaxing artwork around the campfire
Getting the fire started with flint and steel
Fire lighting in a scallop shell
Chilled out snacks in the forest
Clay mining!
Bucket of clay - ready to sell at the forest shop!
Stripping willow for bread making sticks
Using a peeler to strip willow bark
Popcorn making for the group
Stripping willow bark inside the 'Blood Bubble' of safety!
Baking puff pastry on a stick! Yum!
Forest lunch around the toasty campfire
First ever full day out in the woods
Our new Forest School camp!
Making Harry Potter wands from wilow
Drawing with our freshly made charcoal willow sticks!
We found worms!
Getting chilly ... so better practice my fire-lighting
Making a clay shop price list ... lying in the mud!
The Clay Shop open for business
Birthday out in the forest!
We LOVE mud!
Adding string to freshly palm-drilled amulets