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Year 3 Curriculum





This autumn will truly be action-packed from the start, with Miss Manley and Mr Turner filling the days with new topics and exciting learning opportunities!


In the first half term, our new Power of Reading class book will be the brilliant ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ by Phillip Reeve. This fantastic adventure book will not only allow the children to further develop their writing, art and DT skills, but also start to explore and understand the world around them through some fantastic local and global geography. 


We will also be starting to learn how to computer code, creating our first programs on Espresso coding - as well as programming a robotic Mr T! Miss Manley will also be taking everyone back in time to Ancient Egypt to investigate what life was like for the Ancient Egyptians. We have also had a crash course on embalming and have replicated the mummification process on an orange! 


As you can see, Year 3 will certainly be off to a flying start!


For the second half term, the Year 3 classes will discover a new core text called 'Firebird' by Saviour Pirotta which is a traditional Russian fairytale! In Science we will be studying light and shadows, with lots of investigations including making traditional ‘shadow theatres’ to perform puppet tales. We will also have a Food technology project of making Gingerbread biscuits just before Christmas. 


Add to all this a dash of  dance, hockey, football, RE, E-Safety, Maths, Spellings, a trip to the British Wildlife Centre as well as lots of fun in Forest School… and you have an amazing first term for the new pupils in Year 3!


Mr Turner and Miss Manley cannot wait to start the learning adventure.