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This term we will be reading the classic novel “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White. This beloved tale tells the memorable story of Wilbur, a little pig who becomes famous with the help of his clever friend Charlotte and their chatty animal neighbours. Lessons of friendship, loyalty, and truth bind this story together and show readers that friends come in all shapes and sizes.

After half term, we will be spending some time preparing for the famous ‘Copthorne Junior Storytelling Competition’ ready for the finalists to perform their entries on 13th June. We will be learning lots of tips and tricks along the way to really help bring our stories to life.

In Science this term we will be learning about forces and magnets as well as getting our hands dirty and learning all about plants while trying to grow them ourselves!

Added to this will be plenty of sport (rounders, cricket, golf and athletics), art work, geography and D.T. We are looking forward to continuing our computing, history and music lessons this term. Of course, there will be lots of maths too. 

We are incredibly excited to be taking Year 3 to Copthorne Prep  from Monday 8th to Thursday 11th July. This is one of our favourite weeks and is filled with lots of fun. We will be doing activities such as swimming, tennis, golf, team sports, stool ball and some forest adventures.

Mr Turner and Miss Manley are looking forward to an enjoyable and action packed final term. J


In the first half term, our new Power of Reading class book will be ‘I Was a Rat!’ by Phillip Pullman, a tale of an ordinary small boy … with some very ratty habits! In science we will be studying magnetism and then materials and their properties, with lots of investigations using magnets, compasses and investigating lots of different types of materials from glass to wood to various metals!


After half term, our new class book will be “Pebble in my Pocket”, a more scientific and factual text that follows the humble pebble you might find in your garden, along its journey from volcanic birth through raging rivers and deep seas … to be found millions of years later in your vegetable patch! This book will link perfectly into our new science topic on ‘Rocks’, where we study the types of rock, as well as fossils and all things to do with the formation of the planet we live on.


Added to this will be plenty of sport (football, gymnastics, dance and netball), art work (colour mixing and collage), geography (landforms and development of settlements), as well as regular sessions on computing and maths! It will certainly be busy in Year 3 this spring!


We also hope to fit in an ‘Africa Day 2019’, with a couple of cultural days filled with drumming, tie-dye, clay-work and bush-tucker-style food tasting! The date for this will be announced once we can confirm the drumming company being used and cost of hosting the event.


Mr Turner and Miss Manley are enjoying our learning adventure smiley


This autumn will truly be action-packed from the start, with Miss Manley and Mr Turner filling the days with new topics and exciting learning opportunities!


In the first half term, our new Power of Reading class book will be the brilliant ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ by Phillip Reeve. This fantastic adventure book will not only allow the children to further develop their writing, art and DT skills, but also start to explore and understand the world around them through some fantastic local and global geography. As part of learning about the world around us we will be looking at ‘Living Things and Habitats’ for our Science topic. We will also be starting to learn how to computer code, creating our first programs to run on Big Track vehicles and the school PCs using the online Espresso Coding platform. Miss Manley will also be taking everyone back in time to Ancient Egypt and talking about the importance of the Great Pyramids, the River Nile and the Pharaohs. We will also be attempting to copy the mummification process with an orange!  From the second week of term, Year 3 children will also begin learning to speak and write Spanish with Senorita Fernandez! As you can see, Year 3 will certainly be off to a flying start!


For the second half term, the Year 3 classes will discover a new core text called ‘I Was a Rat!’ by Phillip Pullman, a tale of an ordinary small boy … with some very ratty habits! In science we will be studying light and shadows, with lots of investigations using reflection, bending light through glass and water, as well as making traditional ‘shadow theatres’ to perform puppet tales. We will also be starting our two music topics: ‘Music from the Movies’, where we shall be thinking about how music influences our feelings, and ‘Performance’, with Year 3 getting themselves ready for the Christmas Carol Service at St. John’s Church!


Add to all this a dash of indoor athletics, dance, hockey, football, RE, E-Safety, maths, spellings, a trip to the British Wildlife Centre as well as lots of fun! … and you have an amazing first term for the new pupils in Year 3.


Mr Turner and Miss Manley cannot wait to start the learning adventure.