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Writing Task- Adventure Stories


This half term you should have all experienced your first 'Story Telling Competition' here at Copthorne. This is one of the highlights of our school year as it lets your creative talents shine. It is probably our (mine and Mr T's) favourite time of the year. The final is always held on stage in our hall in front of the whole school (including teachers and LSAs). It is a magical afternoon listening to some fantastic stories being told brilliantly! Some of your siblings have been finalists and even winners! 


In honour of the competition, we would like the next two weeks to be about story writing. This week's focus is all about ....ADVENTURE By the end of this week, we would like you to have written an adventure story. The story can be about whatever you like but it must include an adventure. We suggest that this work takes 3 sessions. 


SESSION 1: Planning

Look through the PowerPoint and other resources to help you understand the genre (style of story you are writing). If you already have an idea then feel free to start planning your story mountain; there are two to choose from on the document depending on the type of story you want. If you aren't sure of what you'd like to do use our pictures or videos from the Literacy Shed website to help you. If you find you finish your story mountain quickly spend some time planning your characters and your setting. 


SESSION 2: Start writing!

In this session, use your planning notes to start writing your story. Make sure that you write a paragraph early on in your story (before the conflict) about yout setting. Think about your 5 senses as you write this description. Take your time and make regular stops to re-read your work.


SESSION 3: Finish writing

Use this last session to finish off your story. Make sure the conflict is suitably dramatic for an adventure story and include a good resolution. Very rarely does 'it was all a dream' sound good as an ending! Remember, you could have a happy ending (everything's tied up neatly), a sad ending (everything is tied up but something sad has happened) or a cliff hanger! Cliff hangers are best suited for an adventure story as they hit that there is more to come! Like session 2, make sure to take your time and take regular stops to re-read your work. 


If you need any help or advice please contact Miss M or Mr T. Happy writing! :) 

The Literacy Shed- The Adventure Shed

Use the link below for fun short videos to give you inspiration!

Picture Prompts