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Great British (Year 3) Bake Off - Recipe Instructions Step-by-Step

Great British (Yr3) Bake Off!

Recipe Instructions


By now, you should hopefully have selected a recipe and started baking! 


We are aiming to create a Yr3 Recipe Book on our website with your marvellous creations! So, whatever recipe you have used, you need to make sure there is 'child-friendly' we can publish! 


Since you have started Yr3 you have written lots of instructions including: how to make monster pizza; how to make the perfect cup of tea; how to make a seawig ;and how to make the perfect campfire. So, you should be experts! 


Take a look at the PowerPoint below (this will be as a VIDEO on Google Classroom) to remind you on what to include in your own recipe! 


When you are ready, you can write this recipe either by hand or typed and make sure to include diagrams or pictures where you can!