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Great British (Year 3) Bake Off - Packaging

Video Introduction to Packaging Task for your Bake

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Starring Mr T as 'The Teacher'


Create Packaging (box / packet) for Your Bakes!


Tomorrow is 'Bake Day' ... but what are you going to package your cakes or cookies in when it comes to selling them to the public? 


You have a couple of options on how to create this.


OPTION 1 - Recover a box or packet at home

Find a cardboard box out of recycling. Could be a for biscuits, shoes, from Amazon, pizza box, tissue box or something similar. 


Re-cover the box in white or coloured paper ... then get creative! SEE MR T's EXAMPLE BELOW


You could draw on it or, if you prefer, use a computer to type up words or print off pictures to stick on.


You do NOT have to decorate all the sides! Just the one or two that can be seen.


OPTION 2 - Use a template and make a new packet from scratch

Print off one of the A4 templates BELOW from the PDF (there are 3 classic designs to choose from). This can be cut out and folded into a 3D shape for your bake. These are quite small, so if you have a bigger sheet of paper or card at home, you could draw the template onto this for a larger box.


Again, you do NOT have to decorate every side, just the one or two that can be seen by the buyer!


The packaging / box will have to include:

  • Big clear title for your product - think about style of writing, colour and bordering the letters
  • Big clear picture of the product (cake / cookie / brownie etc...) - could use a photo
  • Maybe a persuasive phrase to tempt you - make it sound irresistible and totally yummy!
  • Could also add a special offer or price tag

Chef Turner - Yummies Cup Cakes - Packaging Box

Information PowerPoint for Packaging Task

Box Templates - There are 3 to choose from

Types of packets and boxes for cakes, pizzas and pies - look at the clear labelling, with nice BIG writing and pictures that are easy to see from a distance