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Writing - Firebird Acrostic Poem

FIREBIRD ACROSTIC POEM - Part 3 - Time to Write the Poem!


Over the last 2 days, you have looked at pictures and videos to gather some amazing vocabulary and create some fantastic phrases. Well done!


Now it is time to put all this together to create an ACROSTIC POEM.


An acrostic poem is one where the first letter of each line join together to make a word. It is important that the first word in the sentence starts with the same letter as the word the acrostic makes.


TASK - Write an acrostic poem using the word FIREBIRD


Use your fantastic phrases (they may need a bit of changing at the front to fit the letters) to describe the mythical Firebird. A bit like this:


Feathers shimmering like golden flames

Incredible wings of glowing fire

Red eyes, the colour of erupting volcanic lava

Everlasting life that rises from the ashes

Brilliant rays of sparkling light from its jewelled claws

Infinite colours hidden within a swirling cloak of feathers

Ruby-red talons to terrify her enemies

Deep-throated screech echoing across the mountains

You can write this on a computer, onto paper or use the Word template below as a starting point.