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Writing - Firebird Phrase Bank

FIREBIRD ACROSTIC POEM - Part 2 - Turning Words into Phrases


Yesterday, you looked at some amazing pictures and video clips to inspire you to create a word bank of amazing vocabulary to describe the mythical Firebird. 


On Friday, you will be writing an acrostic poem on the Firebird (more of that tomorrow!), but before that we now need to turn some those words you collected into some exciting phrases.


A phrase is a group of words that adds meaning to a sentence. 


Choose your favourite 4 or 5 words from each section (look / sound / movement) and add extra words, such as a verb (doing word), noun (naming word) or adjective (describing word). You can also combine (link) together words from different sections to make some even more amazing sentences!


FILL IN THE BLANK PHRASE SHEET (below) WITH YOUR IDEAS ... there is an exemplar to help you


You can also try to use a simile (like or as ... hot as a fire / roars like a lion), or alliteration (2 or 3 words starting with the same sound ... glittering and glowing golden wings / swiftly swooping across the sun).


So, exciting words into phrases could look like:

dazzling + soaring = The dazzling Firebird soars across the deep blue sky.

glittering + colossal = Her colossal wings glitter in the morning sunlight.

screech = The Firebird's screech roars like an exploding volcano.