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Writing - Roger - How he feels ... and what others think of him


How does Roger feel inside ... and what do other people think (but not say) about him?


By the end of chapter 7, Roger has met a lot of people and visited a lot of locations. He has been to:

  1. Bob and Joan's house - lots of strange things happened there!
  2. The City Hall - the lady who deals with 'lost children'
  3. The Police Station - the sergeant behind the desk
  4. The Hospital - the doctor with the smart black beard
  5. School - Mrs Cribbins (class teacher) and the Head


How do you think Roger feels about all these experiences, places and people?

What do you think all the people he meets are really thinking about him (but maybe not saying out loud)?


USE THE ATTACHED SHEET (either edit or print off the Word of PDF as they are identical) AND FILL IN THE GAPS


TASK 1 - Roger Feelings Body Outline


What you are feeling on the inside is often very different to what people think about you on the outside (judging a book by its cover).


On the INSIDE of the outline write words/phrases about how ROGER IS FEELING in Chapters 1 to 7 (when he first arrives at Bob and Joans).


On the OUTSIDE of the outline, write words and phrases about what OTHER PEOPLE ARE THINKING about Roger when they meet and talk to him (such as at City Hall, the Police Station, Hospital and School).


TASK 2 -  'I think ... because ...' Questions

On the second part of the sheet, try to explain how Roger and other people are feeling and thinking in a bit more detail by using 'I think ... because ...'.


For example,

I think Roger is feeling confused because he is being shown and told so many new things and keeps making mistakes and getting told off.