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Your Own Personal Project - VIDEO INTRODUCTION TO TASK

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My Personal Project on...

After speaking to lots of you on Google Meet and getting some feedback in your comments, there seemed to be some real enthusiasm for you to get away from the work set by Mr T and Miss Manley and 'go solo' with your own personal projects.


So, let's do it!


Over the last 2 days of the half term, we have removed most of the other subjects to free you up time to plan, organise, research and create a project of YOUR choice.


The project can literally be on ANYTHING that is of personal interest to you, but here are a few ideas that have been talked about during Google Meet and on messages we have received:


  • HISTORY - World War 2 / Victorians / Great Fire of London
  • SPORT - My Favourite Football Team - from start to now / All about darts! / Design a new outdoor sport (with rule book)
  • DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY - Build a robot step-by-step / Cookery
  • GEOGRAPHY - Mountains of the World / Volcanoes
  • FILMS - The making and history of The Avenger movies / Movie special FX
  • MUSIC - History of my favourite band (or artist)
  • WILDLIFE - Creatures of the Deep / Animals of the Stone Age / Big Cats
  • and so on and on.........


As you can see, the list could be endless!


Apart from one maths task, a Spanish lesson and a bit of science, you have 2 whole days (around 5 hours) to:

  1. Come up with an idea
  2. Think about how you will present your project (poster, PowerPoint, video, photographed, typed, hand-written etc...)
  3. Research (or organise) your project
  4. Create and present!


We want you to have some fun with this. It is about what YOU want to do! What interests YOU? What would YOU like to spend some time finding out about or creating?


We are not after enough words to fill a Harry Potter Book or so much detail it would make Wikipedia explode. We do not expect mega budget Hollywood movies or 1000 sheets of pictures. Just find out about or create something that you are genuinely enthusiastic to discover or try ... then tell us all about it in your own personal way.


Have fun! We cannot wait to see what you decide to do and show us!