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Writing - Rat Boy 'Wonder of the Age' Persuasive Poster

Rat Boy Poster - Video Introduction to Task

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Starring Mr T as 'The Teacher'


Persuasive 'Victorian-style' Circus Poster

Rat Boy - The Wonder of the Age!


In the chapter "The Wonder of the Age" (page 74 to 80), Mr Tapscrew puts Roger on show to the public as 'The Rat Boy'. He dresses him up in a costume, puts him in a cage, makes him eat disgusting food and the tent filled with horrible smells.


Now we all know that inside the costume is just a small confused little boy, but Mr Tapscrew wants to make as much money as possible from visitors and needs to persuade people to come inside and see this 'Wonder of the Age!'.


As such, Mr Tapscrew creates a really persuasive poster horrify the public! People love to be scared and by making this mysterious 'rat boy' seem so dangerous and disgusting, people want to see him even more!


Mr Tapscrew's poster (ABOVE) is very persuasive by having:

  • A mysterious title - "The Wonder of the Age'
  • An important person presenting the discovery - "Professor Tapscrew'
  • A shocking name for the creature - "Rat Boy"
  • Creepy description - "half-human, half-rodent ... abominable creature"
  • Shocking habit - "Unnatural appetite to eat anything"
  • Important time to visit - "Feeding Time: every hour on the hour"
  • A scary warning - "Dangerous to approach"
  • Describes how seeing this will make you feel - "Wonder! Marvel! Shudder!


YOUR TASK - Make a new 'Rat Boy Poster' ... one even more persuasive!

Look at the poster on page 76 (ABOVE). Look through the REAL Victorian posters (BELOW) in the slideshow (these are shocking and surprising in many other ways too ... especially in how we used to treat animals 100 years ago!).


Look at the layout, language used and how key words and titles are chosen for maximum impact on the reader ... to persuade them to come to the show and see the wonders inside!


Create a new 'Rat Boy' poster for Mr Tapscrew. Use the ideas from all the posters, as well as new ones of your own. Maybe add a picture too (Mr Tapscrew did not use one!), there is an idea on page 121 you could use.


Remember to make your layout clear and easy to read ... as well as horrifying and shocking ... but not so scary that people won't want to see the 'Rat Boy'. You want them to be curious about this horrific monster!