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Writing - Peculiar Pets Poetry

This year we are taking part in the annual Young Writers competition.  The topic this year is ..... Peculiar Pets! 


On this puuurrrrffeeeccct poetry task you can really let your imaginations run wild! 


What would your perfect peculiar pet be?
An acrobatic bunny? A tech savvy puppy? A vegan crocodile? A giraffe that likes to race? A superhero cat?


You can create animal mash-ups, be inspired by your perfect pet or make your own awesome animal to write your poem about.This is about going crazy and having fun while also showing off your poetic flair! 


Complete the PDF entry for your submission and send it back to us. A winner will be chosen from Year 3 as well as a runner up for each class. 


Read the PowerPoint below and make sure you watch the video within it! 


Then, over the next TWO days, complete the worksheet which will contain your planning ideas as well as a form for the submission. We have included an exemplar below.