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Where on Earth is Mr T today?

Where on Earth is Mr T Today?


Mr T has been blessed to have travelled to almost 70 countries around the globe. However, at the moment Mr T is only able to explore Copthorne Junior School and his back garden!


So, to keep everyone globe-trotting virtually, Mr T will be posting slideshow of pictures of his past travels to one particular country each day while we are not at school to keep you exploring.


I will tell you the country I am in, something I did while I was there, and then ask you to complete 4 simple tasks:


  1. Find the country on a map or on Google Earth
  2. What is the capital city?
  3. Work out which compass direction I would have to travel from London to get there - maybe even Google the distance
  4. One or two interesting facts about this country (maybe about the weather, landscape, animals or food?)


This can be 'just for fun', or you can email Mr T what you have discovered - though you don't need to tell me each day, maybe wait until you have done a few angel


Hope you enjoy following Mr T's virtual travels.

Year 3 Work Linked to Mr T's Adventures Around the World!

Mr T's Travels Across the World - Countries I visited in order as a Biographical Story!

Mary Jane asked if she could have details of ALL the countries Mr T has visited on his travels over the years so she could do some research on the countries and routes I took. 


She has created some fantastic maps of the continents, the countries Mr T passed through and direction of travel. Great work! laugh


If anyone else would like to take up the challenge, the document below "Mr T's Travels Across the World" tells you where I went in order. I wonder what geography work you can create from the information? Have fun and send me pictures or work you do yes


Well done to Romeo! Fantastic facts discovered about some of the countries I had visited ... plus I love the 'spin the globe' game your are playing to close your eyes and point to a random country, then Google facts about it! Brilliant!