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UPDATED! Welcome and instructions


Dear Year 6 parents/carers and children,


Welcome to the second half of the summer term!


We will continue to post a Home Learning Activity Grid with resources for Year 6 children who are learning at home. It will still offer a broad range of curriculum subjects, as will be taught in school. The activities should be self-explanatory and will be well-resourced so that children can complete them independently. We will be available for you to contact at any point if you need advice or help, using the email addresses below.


The children should continue to create their home learning on word-processed documents or via photographs of handwritten notes/drawings. Where activities are provided with answers, for example, Maths tasks, please mark it at home. You do not have to return marked work to teachers but it is always good to hear how you are getting along with it.


Please continue to share other work and photographs of your children. We REALLY love seeing what everybody is doing and it brings our community together at this time when we cannot always do that in person.


Miss Simpson's class:

Dr James' class:

Maths should be sent to your Maths set teacher. 


Thank you all, 

Dr James and Miss Simpson