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Weekly Learning Activities Grid

Your weekly Home Learning Activity Grid is found below. It tells you what tasks you need to complete for each subject. Each week there will be different activities from across the whole range of curriculum subjects.


It is up to you to choose how to organise your time to complete these tasks. But please be aware that there is a Maths task every day and you will probably need a whole morning or afternoon for your PSHE and English. 


For those quick finishers, we have included extension tasks or provided resources with different levels of difficulty. You can also still use any of the links to activities and websites found in the Year 6 Spring Term or General Resources pages on the website.


Please do your best. We want to see maximum effort with your presentation and final work that shows your hard work, your knowledge & skills, your imagination and your creativity! 


Please send your work to us or photos of you completing your work as we love to see what you have been doing and post them on the website.