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MOVING UP WEEK - Monday 13th July


MOVING UP WEEK (Year 3 into Year 4)


Below are the tasks and activities for Year 3 Home Learning during the twelfth and final week of the summer term.


We cannot believe that we are at the end of what has been a very strange and challenging year! We have loved teaching both classes this year and have been so proud of all your Home Learning efforts over the past few weeks and months. 


Just a a couple of tasks to finish off the year for this, final week of Year 3.

  • A Letter to Year 2 - advice, information and 'top tips' for surviving (and enjoying!) Year 3
  • All About Me - This is your Summer Project for Year 4 including information about YOU! 


Underneath this are zones for each activity containing detailed task information, web links, support resources and examples.


If you need any additional help or support with tasks, please contact Mr T or Miss Manley.


Please send in any completed work, photographs or feedback as you complete them during the week or by Friday morning.


Many thanks,


Mr T and Miss Manley


PS ... Thank you all once again for being TOTAL STARS and HEROES throughout this complicated year, both at school and at home. You should all be truly proud of yourselves! See you all in September.